Mothers Love

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Mother’s Love
There are many types of love: affectionate, tough, sexual, desirable, and so many others. These different feelings of love can be beneficial or harmful to the person receiving a certain type of love. Some say tough love can make a person turn cold-hearted and resentful to others but from my experience it can make you preserve and think positive. The love I received from my mother is tough love yet affectionate at time; only when appropriate. My mother’s tough love is shown through her strictness and her strong character but at the same time showing concern as well as saving me from mistakes.

My mother’s powerful voice gives away her strictness; it’s loud and very serious yet not like she is yelling at you. Her voice sounds demanding and threatening which causes chills to go down your spine. When she speaks to me, I can differentiate between her sweet voice and her demanding one. When she uses her demanding voice I already know not to talk back or refuse her request. My mother’s stern look can also be another appearance that can show her strictness. I would describe the look as a death glare because her look is focused and determined which is why I would not dare to look back at her with a glare. The only time my mother uses these two methods is when she is trying to teach me a lesson or giving me a lecture about something I should do. Strictness plays a part in tough love which is why my mom has these traits to show me I could be better or work harder.

My mom’s tough love also involves her strong character which can be shown with her bossy attitude. Like she always say, “Whatever I say goes” meaning she is the man of the house and if you don’t like it then leave. My mom’s attitude plays a big part in her strong character because she doesn’t care what others think or say. Another thing that helps show her strong character is her knowledge of vocabulary. My mother is not a college graduate but she has a colorful vocabulary since she reads a...
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