Motor Control and Fine Motor Skills

Topics: Motor control, Developmental psychology, Motor skills Pages: 7 (1740 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Expected Patterns of Development in Children Aged 0-19 Years.

Create posters/ a leaflet/ tables to outline the expected patterns of children and young person development from birth to 19, to include Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication and Emotional development. Also identify age appropriate activities that can promote skills in each area of development.

Page 1 – Introduction
Page 2 and 3 – Physical Development
Page 4 and 5 – Physical Development Activities
Page 6 and 7 – Intellectual Development
Page 8 and 9 – Intellectual Development Activities
Page 9and 10 – Emotional and Social Development

Page 11 and 12 – Emotional and Social Development Activities

There are many stages within a child’s life where they grow and change throughout their childhood. I am going to examine the 4 different areas of a child’s development from birth to 19 years old. All these areas inter link and I will also briefly touch on activities which can help with their development. The holistic parts of the development will be given through the 4 main areas, these include: physical, intellectual, emotional and social. SPICE stands for social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional. Every child develops at their own rate and every child is unique. Children do develop at different rates; however the majority tend to be slightly above or below the average growth line, but all children will follow the same sequence adapted to their individual levels. When a child is born, they get issued a red book which contains centile charts that measure their growth in height and weight. At certain ages and stages of development these charts will be updated and each chart has an average centile line to see where your child should be at. Most children follow this line; however children can be above or below this line for their age and stage. Social, emotional and behavioural development is how people feel about themselves, and relate to others. Having the confidence to become independent and make your own way in life. They also need to learn what acceptable behaviour is to develop independence. To reach their ability and feel confident people need to be in a safe and secure environment. Physical development is a very important area of a child’s development. Children often develop these skills naturally, but need to have the opportunity to develop them in a variety of ways. They will need to develop gross motor skills, for example throwing, walking and running. They need to also develop fine motor skills such as doing up their clothes and holding a pencil.

Description of the Expected Patterns of Physical Development.

Age| Gross Motor Skills| Fine Motor Skills|
0-3 months| * Stepping Reflex. * Briefly keeps head up if held in sitting position. * Lifts head; visually follows slowly moving objects.| * Holds object if placed in hand. * Begins to swipe at objects within visual range.| 3-9 months| * Sits up with some support. * Holds head erect in sitting position. * Sits without support, can roll over in flat position. * Moves on hands and knees (crawling).| * Reaches for and grasps objects. * Transfers objects from one hand to the other. * | 9-18 months| * Crawls and walks grasping furniture, then without help. * Squats and Stoops. | * Some signs of hand fondness like grasping a spoon but with poor aim of food to mouth.| 18 months-2 years| * Walks backward and sideways * Roles ball to an adult * Can run, walk well and climb stairs using both feet * Pushes and pulls boxes and beginning to unscrew lids.| * Stalks two blocks and can put objects into small containers. * Shows clear hand fondness and can stack 4-5 blocks at older age. * Can pick things up without over balancing.| 2-3 years| * Runs easily and can climb up and down furniture unaided. * Hauls and shoves big toys around an obstacle.| * Picks up small objects....
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