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Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19years. 0-3years babies at birth
Babies are born with instant reflexes, these happen without the baby having to think, for example: Swallowing and sucking milk. Even thou the baby can swallow milk it can still get trapped air and at this age they need help to get rid of it Rooting reflex. If a babys cheek or mouth is touched it will automatically move its head to look for a nipple or teet. Grasp reflex. If an object is placed in the palm of a baby they will automatically put their fingers around it. Startle reflex. When a light or a sudden sound is near the baby they will move their arms outwards and clench their fists. Walking and standing reflex. A baby will sometimes make stepping movements if they are held upright with their feet on a firm/hard surface.

Examples of what you might observe
Recognize smell and sound of mothers voice.
Crying when they are hungry or distressed
Social, emotional and behavioral
Close contact between primary career and baby. Especially when feeding

1 month old babies
The first month of a baby is very important as they will form a common pattern. Mainly sleeping but they will then gradually spend longer periods awake. At this age they will recognize people by their smell and voice and some will soothe the baby when upset. The baby will still communicate by crying but the parent(s) may be able to tell the difference between each cry. In the one month period babies will try hard to concentrate on who is holding them even thou they can only focus a distance of 20 to 25cm.

Example of what you might observe

Look less curled up
Startle less
When they hear a certain voice they stop crying
Crying and start coo’ing (5-6week)
Social, emotional and behavioral
Fleeting smiles

Babies at 3 month
At 3 months old most babies know the difference from day and night. They grow in height and weight. They are also likely to cry less and now most parents will know what their cry means. They are far more alert and will smile quite often. They will stay awake for longer periods and will show that they know the difference between a random voice to his/her parents voice.

Examples of what to observe
Lift and turns head
Start to notice objects around them
Start smiling
Social, emotional and behavioral
Start to enjoy bath time

Babies at 6months – 9months
At 6months old a baby has learnt a lot more skills. They can move objects from one hand to another, they are a lot more alert now from birth. At 6 month old they are turning their head more and are focusing more on objects they find interesting. Babies are now showing that they enjoy playing by smiling and squealing. When talking to a baby they try and show interest by trying to communicate back. At 6 months old babies wil be in a set routine and at certain times of the day they will need a nap but for the rest of the time they will be happy to play or be held. At 6 months old most babies are starting to sit on their own with help or sat in a high chair. They are now usually enjoying food and starting to grasp their spoon on their own, although they may not be able to aim for the correct target and be bit messy. Most babies will also be getting their first tooth.

Example of what to observe
Are more mobile with their hands and feet moving them around cognitive
Explore more things
More things go into their mouths
They show their career when they are wanting to be lifted up by using their arms Social, emotional and behavioral
Starts to smile when they are being played with or are playing with others.

As they reach the 9 month barrier their development is very noticeable at this age many will be; puling themselves up,...
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