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Topics: Developmental psychology, Child development, Infant Pages: 5 (1533 words) Published: July 27, 2013
1. Summarise the main development of a child from the age range 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 5-8 years.
Child development is the sequential progression in the body and abilities as the child grow from birth. It is the term given to the growth of babies through childhood, the growth of a child cannot be compared to that of another, however all children go through the same stages of development which have been categorized into five stages.

The main development of a child can be summarised under five stages which are physical development, intellectual development, Language development, Emotional development social development.
After a baby is born they lie on their backs, the head will fall forward and their back curves. They develop a good memory of noticing the things happening around them. Mobility comes to baby around 9-12 months, they will be able to roll, shuffle, or crawl. At the age of 1they pull themselves into a standing position using furniture, when a baby reaches the age of two they will be able to run but might not be able to catch it, children at this age should be very mobile.

Between the ages of three and five years children will be able to run, walk forwards, backwards and move in any direction that pleases them according to their interest at that moment, they engage in activities like jumping, climbing of stairs with one foot at a time. By the time a child reaches the age of four they should be able to catch a ball and also should be able to walk along a straight line in balanced form taking steps confidently.

By the time a child reaches their fifth birthday the creativity in them come alive and its being displayed through their drawing skills, at this point their drawing resemble the intended objects and they will be confident in taking part in activities like skipping, hopping, and dancing to music, between the age of six and eight a child’s confidence should have developed to a point which jumping from heights, run distances and ridding bicycle without stabilizers becomes enjoyable and they are eager to perform such activities at their leisure time.

Babies from birth to three months have the ability to focus on objects and make eye contact, they turn towards the smell of their mother’s breast, between six months and nine months babies need to be stimulated because at this stage they will be able to take part in simple games like peek –a-boo. Toys that will make them amused and excited should be offered to them.

Within nine months to twelve months a child’s memory develop so they possess the ability to remember things, they may clap their hands and wave good bye, However babies of this age imitate people around them and react according to the moods of the people around them for instance, when they laugh when they see their mother laughing and they can as well cry if they see the expression on the face of their mother is not welcoming.

At the age of one a child’s understanding will have increased, They understand that people have preferences and at the age of two they do a lot of ‘’pretend ‘’ play, most times they talk to themselves and find music interesting.

From three to five years the concentration of a child will increase and fine motor skills will have developed, This skills enable the child to hold a paint brush and a pencil more easily in anticipation of drawing, By the time they reach the age of four their drawings will be recognizable and they engage in activities like beading on strings and building strong towers with strong blocks.

These actives are performed as a result of the quick development of their memory and at the age of five they become so inquisitive asking questions from all diversity. They will be able to count confidently with a good numeric ability and pronouncing simple words, between the age of six and eight the child’s reading and mathematical skills will have...
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