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Ms. Teleky’s Classroom Rules
Please familiarize yourself with these rules for everyone’s benefit. Please also read the course syllabus and the AGENDA on the website for additional rules and information.

Class Expectations:
• If you do not have your textbook, workbook, dictionary, paper, pen, pencil and eraser with you in class, you are NOT ready to learn and participate. Please make sure to come prepared for all classes. • Have a separate binder for Ms. Teleky’s subject and make sure you have dividers for the sections (eg. grammar/ writing/vocabulary) to keep your binder neat. There will be routine binder checks that will count towards your mark. • Your papers should be dated and placed in order neatly in your binder. • DO NOT close books; put away anything into your bag before the bell. Ms. Teleky dismisses you, not the bell. Otherwise, you may be asked to stay after class to straighten out the room or to come back at lunch time or to stay in tutorial. • You may NOT change your seating without talking to Ms. Teleky. Please be courteous and greet your teacher and classmates upon entering and leaving the room. • Respect towards your teacher and classmates is essential in the classroom. Racism and discrimination will not be tolerated. • Do not interrupt others while speaking and always put your hand up if you have questions or concerns.

Assignments/ tests/quizzes will only be accepted if they are written in black or blue ink or with a pencil. No assignments will be marked if written in any other colour. No ripped and crumpled up papers will be accepted and marked. Neat, legible work is essential. Be ready to learn when the bell goes. This means books, notebooks should be open and pens/ pencils ready to begin class. If you misplace a handout, you will need to pay 25 cents for a new copy. Assignments are ALWAYS due at the beginning of each class.

Plagiarism and cheating is a serious offence and will be dealt with consistently. All students involved in cheating or plagiarizing on assignments and tests will receive a mark of 0 and a referral to the office. All assignments must have proper citation and bibliography.

Absences and Lates:
If possible, let Ms. Teleky know in advance that you will be away or you will be late. ONLY with a note and excused absence will you be able to hand in missed assignments and make up tests and quizzes. Parents/Guardians can call the absence line: (403) 253-2261 Extension: 4000. A note should clearly state:

o Date of absence an date the note was written on
o Student’s name
o Parent/Guardian’s Printed name and signature and contact information (phone and e-mail) o Reason for absence
If you are away, you ARE responsible for getting work and make up missed assignments. Make sure you have your classmate’s phone numbers to be able check with them. Feel free to e-mail or call Ms. Teleky at school to find out what you have missed:, OR: (403) 253-2261 Extension: 2312. An excused absence does not excuse a student from completing an assignment or a test. No excused assignments will be accepted if they are a week late. They will receive a mark of ‘zero’. ONCE a marked assignment has been handed back to the class NO missed assignments will be accepted. Missed assignments ARE due upon return (if assignments were given out prior to the absence) OR the next day (if assignments were assigned while not present). Upon returning from an absence look in the COURSE FOLDER to collect missed handouts. They should have your name OR ID# on them. You ARE responsible for collecting these sheets on your first day back from an absence. You are also responsible asking questions about these handouts if you are unsure what you have to do. Talk to your classmates or to Ms. Teleky if in doubt. NO extensions are given on the day an assignment is due. Come and talk to Ms. Teleky PRIOR to a deadline if you are experiencing some...
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