Mtv and Celebrity Image Selling

Topics: MTV, Reality television, Michael Jackson Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: May 24, 2012
23 May 2012
How MTV contributes to celebrity image selling
MTV contributes to celebrity image selling in many ways such as publicity in society, advertisement and competition MTV uses these 3 big strategies to lure more people and media to watch there television show daily, they bring in well-known names such as Justin timberlake to perform and entertain the audience and get more people to watch MTV. They also do a good job at making new celebrity’s perfect example would be snooki from jersey shore a well watched reality show in MTV, most people didn’t know who she was before the show started. . MTV has been using publicity in society for a very long time MTV was a figure of the 80’s and 90’s bringing in many superstars artists to this world. “A great number of rock artists of the 80s and 90s were renamed into household by MTV. Duran Duran, and Bon Jovi. Michael Jackson and including Madonna became famous with MTV in 80s.” ( as you can see these iconic music artist wouldent exist without the help of MTV. MTV has been in out culture since we were all babies to the genre of music we listen to, to the way we dress MTV has made it clear that they want nothing but big hits around them. From the well known moon dance from micheal Jackson to the maddona music MTV has been and impacted our childhood ever since we were born to generation to generation MTV will always be there to make there stamp in kids generation to come. From pretending to be Michael Jackson and doing his famous moonwalk to dancing to cant touch this by mr. MC hammer and dressing with baggy pants MTV has always been there, from listening to maddona to the all famous powerhouse beatles where they swept the nations by there looks and music making teens go wild for them. In order to make there stamp in kids/teenagers generations they have to sign a famous artist or figure they either sign somebody to MTV company or they develop their own “MTV could make stars out of brits...

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