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It is rare to find anyone who has not heard of MTV. MTV is a household name to teenagers almost everywhere around the world. In the year of 1981 MTV was launched as a music television and in the year of 2004 it was placed in the top 50 brands in Businessweek’s global ranking. It is one of the most profitable and influential television networks of all times. Since its inception it is offering various entertainment programs to its audiences. Various rock bands and artists like bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Madonna, and Michael Jackson rose to prominence through MTV. In its long journey MTV had to straddle the two generations X and Y. Generation X represents people born in the 1960s and 1970s. It has also been described as a generation consisting of those people whose teen years were in the 1980s.On the other hand generation Y represents people born in the 1980s and 1990s. But MTV is successful in satisfying both of these two generations. The main objective of this company is to being interactive with its target market. MTV’s target market has varied interests and lifestyles: the audience can be a female or a male from an urban or a rural background and may be affluent or poor. He/she can be interested in music, videos, gaming or reality TV. All these needs are taken care of by this music television. MTV also has an extensive global network, it is broadcasted in more than 164 countries, but at the same time it is successful in maintaining its uniform brand identity. The domination of MTV not only comes from its ability to make a profit, but also from its ability to alter and guide the lives of many different people around the world. Catering to youth and acting as a counselor through tough times, MTV provides up to the minute music, fashion, lingo, trends, news and more. MTV has tapped into the need for belonging and acceptance by giving youth something common to talk about and experience together- something specifically created with them in mind.


MTV’s success is not a coincidence. It is the strength of effective marketing towards particular demographics: particularly the youth of the world. Marketing to youth has allowed MTV to constantly remain a commercial machine. MTV’s influence over the lives of the young has made it a corporate dream in the realm of capitalism. MTV has developed a marketing strategy that sets trends and creates influence through effective programming geared towards current youth issues. Thus the strategies which MTV adopted can be enumerated as follows:

Use of latest technological trends to attract the youth.  Glocal in program offerings.
Involving local people to capture a new market.
Recruiting young staff to bridge the generation gap.
Maintaining high standards in the quality of creative work.  Association with major corporations and businesses to create an impressive image.


MTV adopted various means in increasing the level of involvement with the target market.

Attracting various audiences from different fields with their kind of interests & lifestyles: MTV’s target market had varied interests & lifestyles. The channel broadcasted cookery shows in Italy and cricket related programs in Indian sub continents. They could recognize what the people generally wanted from this type of channels. The audiences could be a male or female from an urban or rural background and may be affluent or poor. His or her interests could be in music, gaming, band shows, cricket related shows, cookery shows, chat shows or reality shows. MTV tried to cater its shows according to these various needs.

Focusing on reality shows which involved common people mainly youth of the...
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