Multicultural Education Scenario

Topics: Multiculturalism, Education, Disability Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: July 26, 2011

What does multiculturalism mean; it is acceptance or promotion of multiple ethnic cultures, applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place. ( How I would incorporate activities that would support a multicultural class room, well for one I would take a map of the world and pin it up to one wall of my class room. Take pictures of everyone in the class and put the pictures and their names on the side of the map and run a string to the place where they are from. This way everyone can see exactly where they are from and how far they traveled to get here. After looking on where everyone came from I would sit aside one day where students can bring food from their culture and clothes, music or even talk about their traditions and there history about where they came from. This way they can taste the foods that they eat and listen to the different sounds of music and hear about how the students talk about their traditions, by doing this the students can understand a little about their culture and why they are different.

Another group activity, I would do is watch movies in different languages, but have the words subtitled in English, this way it would require them to watch closely and then give them a quiz after the movie was over. Then have the students say hello in different languages just to see how many different languages they can say hello in. Another activity would be to have them write something about themselves and the title would be why I am different. Each of the students would write a little something about them selves on why they are different this would send a positive message. Now students with special needs, this activity about why I am different would also send a positive message just because they are in a wheel chair doesn’t mean they cannot do things or learn, this exercise would build confidence then they will begin to try harder because they will...

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