Music Compare and Contrast

Topics: Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn Pages: 4 (1581 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Since the beginning of time, many bands and artists have helped shape the way people live. Thirty Seconds to Mars, with lead singer Jared Leto, is a very successful pop-rock band. Starting in 1998, the members of this band did not have it easy. Neither did Ludwig van Beethoven who grew to be one of the most successful composers of all time. Taking in the world and challenges around them, both of these artists overcame many obstacles to become what they are known for. Their fans have followed and have been inspired by them. The band Thirty Seconds to Mars and Ludwig van Beethoven came from two different eras and have rough times in their youth but overcame to succeed in the music world.

“[Ludwig] Beethoven’s father, Johann, left many unpleasant memories in his son’s existence. Undoubtedly talented, Johann was not only incapable of being a positive influence on his genius son’s education, but, at times, he was outright prejudicial” (“Beethoven’s Childhood”). Beethoven showed interest in music as it ran in the family. His father was his first music teacher and was extremely strict about his musical education. His mother was sweet and kind. Despite his father’s strict musical teachings, the family was well and lived in a fruitful atmosphere.

As Beethoven lived in a well-off home, Jared Leto (lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars) was not so well off. Growing up in Louisiana, his parents divorced at an early age and he and his brother lived with their mother. Jared and his brother, Shannon, did not stay close to their father, but just a few years after the divorce, their father died. While growing up, they moved around the country to stay close to their mother’s father, who was in the Air Force. Jared’s first job was as a dishwasher at a local restaurant at age twelve so he could help provide for his family. Jared dropped out of high school in the tenth grade, but a few years later, he retuned determined to study and continue his education.

Ludwig Beethoven...

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