Music Observation Classroom

Topics: Teacher, Lesson plan, Classroom Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: December 9, 2013

Kindergarten- Music Class
October 23, 2013
Early Childhood Development
Public Elementary School

Before entering this classroom my purpose was to see the difference from a music class compared to a regular kindergarten class. I wanted to observer her lesson plan and see how she handles the kids with a different activity. This observation was very different compared to the other ones I have done. I usually sit down in a classroom and just take notes on what’s happening but this teacher, Mrs. Wineski, had me involved the second I walked in. I could have observed a 3rd grade music class but I picked kindergarten instead because I was more curious on how the younger kids reacted when there is music involved. I feel like the younger they are the more excited they get for things. The kids in this specific class have music once a week on Wednesday mornings. This classroom had 16 children in it, which I think is a good amount so everyone gets enough equal attention. The larger the class the less they get noticed and have one on one time with the teacher.

Music in this school has changed drastically since I went there. Starting with the fact there is no actual classroom for music anymore it is now “traveling music.” They said there weren’t enough classrooms for music to have its own, so now the teacher has her cart she wheels around all day. On the cart she has her keyboard, computer, work sheets, posters she temporarily hangs up with magnets and instruments the kids use like; tambourines, drum sticks, and triangles. On the computer she had music videos the kids get to watch if they had time at the end of class and if they were well behaved. To be honest I don’t think I am a fan of this concept. The kids don’t get a change of scenery and they’re stuck in the same classroom all day, especially since they’re so young. The room they are in now though, is very colorful and alive. It is separated into sections and in each one they...
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