My daughter Hailey

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Human Growth and Development

Have you ever wondered all of the developmental stages a child can make? It all starts right at the time of conception. There is so much more to a life than anyone realizes. The first three years of life is a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby's development. Human's all have one thing in common, we all go through physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. I am going to explain the first three years of life to you, by using someone very close to me, my daughter Hailey.

The fetal stage, also known as prenatal development, is a stage of life that so much can occur. Humans begin life as a single cell. There are multiple stages that have to happen in order to become a "human." The first stage is known as the Germinal Stage. The Germinal Stage is from the conception to implantation which is from 0 to 2 weeks. This is the period when cell division occurs, the zygote reaches the uterus and begins to implant on the uterine wall. The process of implantation can take up to a week. Our next stage is the Embryonic Stage. This stage is from implantation till the end of the first two months. Some of the things that occur in this stage are, vital organs and bodily systems begin to develop from the embryonic disk. The nervous system, sensory organs, hair, outer skin, digestive and respiratory systems, liver and pancreas, bones, and muscles are all beginning to develop. At 7 weeks genetic activity on the Y chromosome causes testes to differtiate, meaning if there is no Y chromosome then ovaries will differentiate. Stage 3 is the fetal stage, which is from the third month until birth. There is so much that happens during this time. By the end of the second trimester I felt fetal movement, the eyes begin opening and closing, thumb sucking, and the pattern of sleep begins. By the end of the third trimester, the fetus typically weighing 6-7lbs and around 20in long. The survival rate increases to 90% by the end of the 7 month of pregnancy. The exact moment of birth occurs when the fetus passes through the vagina and emerges from the mother's body.

Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing thing. Women undergo so many different symptoms and emotions. There are so many risk factors out there that it's almost impossible to not worry. It's very crucial to maintain a well-balanced diet and to take the recommended vitamins. Some risks from not following these precautions are maternal malnutrition, which can lead to low birth weight, pre-maturity, retardation of the brain which can affect physical, cognitive, motor, and behavioral development problems. The risks of being too slender can cause low birth weight, and the risks of being too obese can cause stillbirth and neural tube defects. The expected weight gain is between 25-35 pounds. Typically gaining 1/2lb per week during the first half, and 1lb per week the second half. Drug use during pregnancy can also cause so many problems. From antibiotics, heroin, marijuana, caffeine, cigarettes, ect. All of those drugs can potentially cause birth defects and problems for the child. Some women have much harder pregnancies than others, not all pregnancies are the same. Some common things that occur are morning sickness, mood swings, stress, Braxton Hicks, swelling of legs and feet, gestational diabetes, and many more. Some of the issues I faced when carrying Hailey was morning sickness and pre-term labor. I was in the hospital four times for pre-term contractions, in which they had to stop the labor. Luckily, they were able to keep Hailey inside and I carried her full term until 39 weeks.

The neonatal stage, the first 4 weeks of life. On August 13, 2011 at 10:47 am my daughter Hailey was born. This day I will never forget. Hailey was delivered vaginally and immediately birth had to be taken to get medical attention. When my water broke there was meconium inside. Meconium is a dark green substance which is forming of the...

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