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United States History Syllabus
Instructor: Mr. Tiffany
Availability: Before school (7:30), after school and by appointment Contact info: Phone # (209) 832-6600
Textbook: The Americans
Course Overview:
Our course will focus on the history of America from the formation of our country (through the Declaration of Independence and Constitution) to the present day through a chronological study. The majority of our time will be spent studying America in the twentieth century: from massive European immigration at the beginning of the century to becoming the world’s only superpower by the end of it. Unit plans and daily agendas and their connection to California state standards in American History will help keep all of us clued in on our progress.

As a goal, I expect all of my students to become expert American historians upon completing my class. Knowledgeable historians go beyond memorizing dates and facts: they offer critical insight. I want all of you to be able to offer this critical insight. Your class assignments will help develop this kind of thought.

We will work with our textbook throughout the semester, but it will by no means be our only learning tool. I plan on bringing in many outside sources such as videos, primary documents …that will help provide you with several different historical perspectives. Expectations: In turn, I expect you to use these outside sources to help support your views. We will embark on several projects this year that I hope will help you take an active role in the class. Some of these activities include: mini-dramas, group presentations, poetry poster projects… I will provide you with information about these activities as the year progresses.

Materials Used and Required: As stated above, we will use the textbook The Americans . You will receive your textbook from the Instructional Media Center and must take full responsibility for the text. Your textbook will remain at home for the most part, though I will ask you to bring your book to class at certain times (especially our unit on the Constitution/Bill of Rights) during the year. Also, on a daily basis, please bring the following materials: pen, pencil, binder, and paper and a highlighter set with at lease 3 different colors.

Notebook Requirement: A soft 3 ring binder is recommended for this class and may only contain work for United States History. You need to purchase dividers for this notebook in order to keep it organized and much more user friendly for you. The notebook will be divided into 5 sections (so you need 5 dividers) and we will set up our notebooks on Friday. Thus, you need to purchase a soft 3 ring binder by Friday. Wallmart, Target and CVS represent store locations where you can buy a binder for class. Part of your unit exams will be open notebook so organization and consistent maintenance of your binder will be an important factor in your success in the course. At the end of each quarter, you may remove past assignments and leave them at home in a place where you can locate them easily in the future when we prepare for our cumulative semester final.

Grades: Grading will be based on the percentage system, 89-100= A, 79-88= B, 69-78= C, 55-69=D, below 55=F. Your final percentage will be calculated from a weighted percentage of Exams, homework quizzes, group presentations, projects and other assignments will all count towards this grade. Student grades will be determined by weighted grades. Each category will have a value as follows:  Classwork

 Homework
 Projects/Essays
 Quiz Scores
 Test Scores

Unit Tests: Often, we will have an exam at the conclusion of the unit we study. The test format will have sections consisting of matching, multiple choice or fill-in, and possible essay. Generally, the matching section will be closed notes and the multiple choice or fill-in and essay sections open notes. You will also receive a unit study guide a few days before the exam...
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