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James Battle III
Mr. Gavrielatos
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Finally graduation day is here. For more than 5 years I’ve been anticipating for this day to come. First I put on my le chaetae vest, shirt, pants, and belt. All the days I practiced putting on my cap and gown, on the real day it just didn’t feel the same. Next I put my Stacy Adam shoes on with the gleam on the side. I packed my cap and gown and I headed out. On my way down, I saw my mom and dad had big smiles on their faces. I really didn’t say anything I just kept walking.

When I arrived at school, I saw a long line of parents. They were all waiting to get in the graduation. I saw rude, impatient, obnoxious, and ghetto. People were wearing head scarves whose colors weren’t remotely close to the colors of their clothes. How much worst could get?

When I got to my classroom, I still had a little but of my bacon, egg and cheese left from the store. I gulped down the sandwich and washed it down with an orange soda. My best friend at the time; Tyleeke, greeted me and hugged me out of nowhere. I could smell people’s colognes from 5 classrooms away. It was like a perfume typhoon. There was Victoria secret, bath and body works, aeropostale, Hollister, and American eagle all in the air.

Before they started letting parents in, we got a dress rehearsal in. When the real thing came, there were tears and long faces. You can tell the relationship this class had just by looking on the outside. After the ceremony, we all exited to the court yard. I though I was going straight home and then I saw my grandmother, godmother and my parents waiting for me. I got a box from my godmother and it had my name on it. I opened it up and I took out a navy blue g shock with my name imprinted on it. I was so happy and surprised. I always wanted a g-shock and it smelled like a new sneaker. I can fell the soft matte type finish on it. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t taste like anything. It was so official; you can even...
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