My First Day at School

Topics: Positive psychology, School, Java Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: September 17, 2013
I wore a smiling face while walking through a gate, and was astonished by the great building before me. I am Rose, then 13. It was my first day at my new school. Enthusiasm and happiness filled my heart to its brim. The sound of bell, signaling all students to assemble was heard just when I was about to set a step. Thus, I followed the flow of students to the hall, listened to the principal’s speech, and headed for my class.

I barely managed to keep up with the lesson as math was not easy. But I convinced myself to work harder and aim for the top. When break time hit, I gathered all my courage to greet a girl sitting next to me, named Anne. After some chatting, we decided to have lunch and halfway to the canteen, I excused myself to the restroom but was lost. As a timid, I dared not ask for directions from people nearby. Instead, I traveled all around the school and eventually returned to my classroom, where I saw Anne waiting for me anxiously. I explained everything to her, and she kindly guided me to the restroom. Soon after, the class commenced and we were each on our chairs preparing materials for the class. I was starving and followed the class inattentively. Did not only did I disappoint Anne, but also ruined my first day of school. That was indeed my most memorable joyous but terrible day I will never forget.

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