My First Day of College

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Monday wasn’t just an ordinary day. It was my first day of classes at Anoka Ramsey Community College! As I pull up to the parking lot of the campus. I was afraid to go to class, I noticed my heart is bashing. It is a mixture of cheerfulness and jitters.Suddenly many questions race through my mind. What if I fail? Am i sure I’m ready for this chapter in my life? I dont know what obstacles i will overcome later in my day but i know i am ready physically and mentally of whatever i face during my college years. I’ve always been the competitive type , and theres no way im about to turn back.I entered to my class 10 minutes late of time because I was so hasty, only to find a parking lot space way in the back. After speed walking to class. Instantly i noticed that the classroom was set up differently from highschool. It was leveled and the professor was in the bottom level next to the white board. As i panic to make a quick glare at the open seats which in this case there were absolutely no seats that were empty. I seen a girl sitting on the floor next to where i was standing. Right away i sat besides her. As the professor monologues about the sylabus and course expections. I daze off and start to ask my self "How on earth was I late on the first day of class". Way to start off the year i recalled. He dismisses us early. After class was over I quickly gathered my things and preceded to the next classroom location. This time I came in 15 minutes earlier . Feeling happy! That im early. As I select a seat and begin to arrange my materials for what the professor is about to discuss about, assuming its more syllabus time. I relized that im not just a number, but an individual with an infinite amount of potential to grow into whatever I desire. After patiently waiting inside my class room for approximately 10 minutes, still no one showed. I then became worried and questioned myself once again. Am I in the wrong place? Do I have the correct time?. I pulled out my...
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