My Journal Entry Week 1

Topics: Developmental psychology, Human development, Adolescence Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: December 29, 2014
My Journal Entry Week 1
“Well that’s what we did with my kids and they turned out just fine.”  Is a phrase that I have heard plenty of times over the years. I tend to be a very honest person no matter the situation or consequences so I have ticked off a lot of people over the years and have lost many of friends for being such an honest opinions or advice. I have three handsome and polite little boys. Well at least most of the time. Over the years I have been approached by parents of their friends that they go to school with and were asked if my boy could stay the night with their boy. Now don’t get me wrong I love sleepovers when they are done at my house or it is at a house of responsible mature parents. My oldest son just became a teen ager. How exciting right? Yea right now he constantly wants to go and stay with friends. These friends that he has are rotten, mean and ignorant boys. I know that it is not their fault but, their parents fault for how they are raised. I also know these parents as well and know what kind of parents they are and how they live their lives. One of the fathers to the boys called me a while back and wanted my son to come and stay the night with his boy. Not only did he call me while he was intoxicated but he lets his son drink as well. I told him no. He asked me why I was being so difficult about my son staying over I decided just to be brutally honest with him. He actually said these same words. “Well that’s what we did with my kids and they turned out just fine.”  He must have thought I did not have access to a television because a few weeks earlier his oldest son was on the evening news for being drunk and being involved in a stabbing. I most certainly do not think they turned out just fine. For a case that this saying may be true in some cases would be if the parent was talking about their child taking an extra class or volunteering at shelter of some kind. When I was fourteen my parents always...
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