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CARD # 12 My school /school years/.

1. Some people think that school years are the happiest in their life. 2. As for me, I cannot say if it is right or wrong. I am still young. 3. I am __ years old, and it is difficult for me to say whether my future will be happier than my past. 4. Moreover, school takes so much time that I hardly have time for anything else. 5. I have classes in the first half of the day and in the evening I have to do my homework. 6. Sometimes I have to write a composition, prepare a report, or learn a poem. 7. Autumn and spring holidays are very short.

8. In winter I have only 10 days free of school.
9. Summer is the only time when I can forget about school. 10. Little by little I start to understand that school plays a very important part in the life of every person, and knowledge gained at school is the key to my future success. 11. In my opinion school is the place where almost everything happens with a person for the first time. 12. School is the first true experience of the real life. 13. At school a person makes first friends and meets first love. 14. Modern pupils get basic knowledge of physics, mathematics, literature, history, biology, etc. 15. School plays a very important social role. It provides education for pupils between the ages of 6 and 17. 16. It brings together children with different interests and experience. 17. School offers pupils the opportunities to develop their abilities, satisfy their curiosity and realise themselves as individuals. 18. At school pupils are taught to be responsible and honest. 19. Now I want to say some words about my school.

20. My school is located near the centre of our city.
21. Every year on the first of September all the pupils and teachers of our school meet in front of the school to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year. 22. The classrooms are large. In our school there are...
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