Narrative Essay

Topics: Education, Early childhood education, Teacher Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Narrative Essay
Zareadae Robertson
ENG 121 English Composition I
February 6, 2012
William Johnson

It is said “in all things get understanding,” and this is very true for me. When I was a child my grandmother took me with her where ever it maybe and in doing this I found out that my grandmother was a motivating speaker. She would speak at collage functions, churches, and some senior centers. I did not mind at all it gave me a chance to meet, interact, and help others and I loved it. Later on in life she passed but a part of her stayed with me. The thrust for knowledge and the need to help others inspired me to do my best and finish school despite all obstacles. During the time when I finished high school computers were the biggest thing out therefore I pursued a BS in Computer Information. I enjoyed it but always felt as if something was missing. It wasn’t till I married and was the mother of two beautiful girls that I found what was missing. I was asked to volunteer at the child development center where my girls attended. It was then that I fell in love with teaching but not just teaching school age children but teaching six-week old infants to five year old pre-k students. Some said that I have a give gift for working and keeping the children going and not only that I have the biggest key. I had great patience to deal with the most oppositional child and still wanted to play. Most of the training staff would ask the question of each group, “What job that you know of that you can come to everyday and get paid to play with toys and materials and still get paid?” I couldn’t think of one nor could the rest of the class. Playing was great, but I needed that extra boost of knowledge that could only come from going back to school and earning a degree in Early Childhood Education. Thus I earn an AA in Early Childhood Education and showed my two daughters that even thou I was a single parent, working full-time at their school, and...
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