Narrative Observation of a Child

Topics: Child development, Developmental psychology, Child development stages Pages: 7 (2304 words) Published: June 14, 2013
Narrative Account:

Observation started at : 8:00 pm

Mother enters the room with takeaway from KFC and places it on the dining table. Subhaan (3:5) is the first child to approach the table and sit down on the seat. While aunt takes out food from the carrier bags, she asks Subhaan, "Is that your plate?" Subhaan replies "Yeah" and right before the aunt is about to put the food on his plate he immediately says"No, is that mine?. Aunt replies, "Yes" and places his meal on the plate. Subhaan sat on his knees and started bouncing on them as he picked two french fries to eat. While the aunt is emptying the bags, Subhaan stands on his knees and peeks into the carrier bags then sits back down to eat his food. Aunt ignores him as she continues talking to Subhaan's mother.

Subhaan attempts to pull out a paper cup from the stack and then hold it in both his hands. Ayesha (5:0) asks Subhaan, "Do you want water?" to which Subhaan holds up his empty paper cup and replies, "No, this is mine". He starts playing with his cup as he tries to hold it to his mouth and then placed it on his eye, pretending it was a telescope, Subhaan started scanning the room from side to side. Subhaan puts his empty cup down and grabs another bite. He then makes a cranky high pitched noise that grabbed his aunt's attention who noticed he was pointing at his empty cup. The aunt poured the drink half full in the cup. He takes a sip and watches Ayesha eat her meal happily. Subhaan continues his meal bouncing while sitting on his knees and then swaying from side to side as he eats.

Subhaan notices a sealed straw on the table, picks it and points it at his mother loudly saying, " Mama.. mama, please open". During the period the mother and aunt are continuously involved in a table conversation. His mother takes the straw and starts unwrapping when Ayesha asks, "Mama, what does he need that for?". Mother ignores Ayesha as she continues the conversation with the aunt.

Subhaan starts chewing his food slowly and sits back in a lazy manner. He then sits up and starts reading the children's meal box in front of him. He sits up on his knees again to be able to drink directly from the straw fixed in his cup to his mouth using just the index finger and thumb of his dominant hand (right-hand). He sits back down, shakes his head a few times then starts looking under the table. He sits back up and starts slapping the wall on his left.

He pauses to look at everyone else at the table still busy with their conversation, then returns back to his meal box and peaks inside it. He pushes away the meal box and looks at his mother to see if she noticed. However the mother is still occupied socially with his aunt. Subhaan makes a random loud noise, "Tadaaaaaa!" which made his aunt notice him and puts his meal box infront of him again saying, "Subhaan, you haven't finished". Subhaan does not reply instead he sinks back in his chair. After a few seconds he sits back up and drinks directly from the straw without using his hands or fingers to touch the cup.

Subhaan rotates on the chair turning his back towards the table and facing towards the tv lounge. Soon he starts to rock the chair slightly from side to side. He turns back around and get off his seat to approach his mother and say," Mama, mama" Mother replied," Yes, son?"

Subhaan answered shyly, "Toilet" and ran off towards the door and takes a glance back to see if his mother is following him or not.

Meanwhile everyone has finished their dinner and settle down in the tv lounge. Subhaan enters the room followed by his mother. He quickly runs up to the sofa to join Ayesha who is running up and down the two joined sofas while singing, "I like you- I like you- I love you-I like you". Subhaan follows Ayesha jumping behind her while repeating what Ayesha is singing. Ayesha comes down from the sofa and starts dancing and singing on the floor. Subhaan stands on the sofa leaning slightly on the wall behind to watch...

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