National Service and Training Program Basic Essay

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I. Class Room

I remembered that our class’ orientation was all about the three components of NSTP; the Reserved Officers’ Training Corp or such known as ROTC, the Literacy Training Service (LTS), and the Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS). Although our teacher Mr. Maniago discussed and oriented these components, some guest speakers were also oriented us but in UE theatre. The ROTC was discussed by some ROTC officers and a ranked ROTC soldier. They talked about of what values or advantages we gain to their course. It said that we gain strengthened body, courage, determination and to be alert. And it said that we can get a scholarship if we take that course. And because of that, some freshmen like me taking NSTP were asking questions and clarifications about the scholarship and it was clearly answered but some non-sense questions were didn’t answered the ROTC’s (but it was fun! Haha!). The second one was the CWTS. The CWTS was discussed by the guest who had been teaching CWTS in NSTP. And they said that the CWTS was one of the best course for gaining values for us. The CWTS was just like community service. And I picked among the three was LTS because I made happy for what we’ve done for ourselves for children. We ourselves teach them how to respect, to be kind to others and to be responsible.

II. Barangay
Our barangay visit was first planned by the whole class. The teamwork we made here in this barangay outbreak was divided into three groups. The first group was to teach the children a lesson especially their personal hygiene and prepares their things on teaching. The second group was gathering the children to their places and after the session they will bring their back to its respective house. The third was able to buy the children’s’ “Merienda” in a supermarket. A big size of zesto and an ensaymada fits the small appetite of the children...
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