NT2670 lab 1

Topics: Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, Windows 2000 Pages: 5 (390 words) Published: November 12, 2014
Lab 1.1
Lab 1.2
1. Which computer is hosting the Administrator account that you specified in this authentication? NT2670Srv6A
2. Why is the system prompting you to initialize Disk 1 at this time? Disk 1 is a new partition and has not been initialized yet
3. What happens to the Disk 1 type and the status when the initialization process is complete? The type changes to basic and the status is online
4. Now that Disk 1 has been initialized, why doesn’t it appear in the volume list pane at the top of the console? Disk 1 is unallocated

Disk 0
Disk 1
Disk type
Total disk size
Number and type of partitions
1 simple
Amount of unallocated space

5. What volume sizing options are available in the context menu? Shrink volume
6. Why are you unable to extend the Data2 volume to Disk 1?
The system views the disks as two separate disks
7. Why is it necessary to convert both of the disks?
The disks types must match in order to extend data 2
8. Why are you unable to extend the C: drive to Disk 1?
Because there are two partitions in between disk 0 C: and disk 1

Disk 0
Disk 1
Unallocated space left in GB
Unallocated space left in MB

9. Which of the previous tasks could be completed using Server Manager instead of other consoles? Active directory, DHCP, DNS
10. Based on the information in the main Server Manager display, what roles are currently installed on the computer? Active directory domain services, DHCP Server, DNS Server, Web Server (IIS) 11. What features are currently installed on the computer?

.net framework 3.5.1, Group Policy mgmt., remote server admin tools, windows process activation service 12. What was the result of the installation?

13. What happens to the wizard when you select the File Services checkbox? An introduction to File Services page is displayed.
14. What happens to the wizard when you select the Windows Search Services checkbox? A Volumes to index submenu appears
15. What happens to the wizard if you select the Windows Server 2003 File Services checkbox? Window Search services and Indexing service cannot be installed on the same server

Lab 1.3
1. What would be the syntax to add an OU named Marketing?
Dsadd OU OU=marketing,dc=contoso6,dc=com
2. What does the –pwd switch do? How can you make DSadd bring up a prompt asking for the users password? Pwd sets the password for user accounts

Lab 1.2.2
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