Objective C Paper

Topics: Slavery, Caribbean, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: March 10, 2013
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Edward Pistola


Slavery was a key factor in the growth of industry in the northern colonies which generated enormous amounts of weath in the new world. Slavery was important to the northern colonies for many economic reasons. The north was a huge supplier of goods and tools to the west indies. New England land owners thrived off of the trade of sugar from the Caribbean to make molasses and rum. The northern colonies supplied many ships to transport livestock and horses to the west indies for plantation owners and supplied these plantations with slaves making the northern economy completely reliant on slave trade. What started the thriving economical relationship between the northern colonies and the west indies was a handful of weathy people and events. The enabler of this success was Henry Winthrop who his father John Winthrop who was a puritan and later was the founding governor of the Massachusetts bay colony. Henry in 1627 landed on the island of Barbados with the aspirations of being a planter but was short on indentured servants to get the plantation going . During this time many puritans were leaving England for the colonies but many other puritans were going to the Caribbean and setting up sugar plantations which was the main cash crop besides tobacco. With sugar being a huge cash crop and with the many plantations being set up around the Caribbean this started a huge surge of African slaves that were sent over to do the grueling work of working the sugar fields because of the lack of indentured servants. In 1645 the New England colonies first started transporting slaves from Africa to Barbados and sometimes colonial ships would result to captive labor like their European counterparts. By this time the west indes was creating such an abundant amount of sugar for the New England colonies to trade and make into molasses and rum but the northern colonies profited beyond the sugar trade. The...
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