Observation 1 Physical Development

Topics: Infant, Supine position, Prone position Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Observation 1 Physical Development

Date 9/10/2012

Time 11.00am
Number of children present 1
Number of adults present 2
Permission obtained from mother
Physical Development:

Physical development:
The growth and development of the body’s muscles, bones, energy systems, and the nervous system.

Description of setting:
This observation took place at the TC home.
Immediate context:
In the main living room there is lots of cushions around the room, there is wooden floors and the room is quite spacious for the TC. Her mother informs me she is never left on her own in this room because she can wriggle onto the floor from the bean bag. The mother informs me the TC is put in her cot after lunch at 1 pm every day for a nap for 1 hour. The living room is where the TC like’s to play with her toy’s. Brief description of the child observed:

TC is an only child and is six months of age she was placed by her mother on a special bean bag for a child of her age and is awake and making noises, cooing and babbling. She is dribbling quite a lot from the mouth, she is holding her hands by herself the left hand is holding the right hand and she is moving them up to the air whilst making a lot of noise. I have washed my hands on entering the house and I have now picked up a blue teething ring I give it a little shake on front of TC she immediately looks at it and smiles however she does not reach for the teething ring. This time I put the teething ring in her hand and she puts it straight to her mouth, she sucks on it for less than a minute and drops it she has no interest in the teething ring anymore as I have handed it back to her and she is not taking it. Tc is watching her mother very closely if her mother moves Tc turns her head to look at her mother. I have observed TC child rub her right hand over her nose she closes her eyes whilst doing this and makes a moaning noise but not quite a cry her arms and legs are moving at the same time and she is...

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