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Personal and Confidential !1

Personal and Confidential
Observation 1 - Ramandip Bassi
“Middle Childhood”, Age 7
October 21-24th, 2014
3 Sessions
116 Minutes Total

Personal and Confidential !2

The purpose of this observation assignment is to understand of development in birth thru adolescence. And to determine whether a child is progressing in such a way that would be considered “normal” for a certain age. How certain age child thinks, react, emotionally and what changes they development by certain age as physical, appearances, etc. I started my observation on a child from the middle childhood age period. I will observe him in five areas of development for his certain age.

Jason is the youngest child of his parents he also an older brother who currently is attending middle school age 14 years old, so Jason is in elementary school in 2nd grade. Jason is a very shy person, but still loves to play sports and be active in other activities with his older brother and friends from age 13-16.

I observed Jason mostly at my house when he would come to play basketball with his brother and my brother and other of their friend would be here, it was difficult for me to go close to him cause some reasons he doesn't like to be around girls. I usually call Jason “cutie,” then he would just hide from me. Other observations I did on him was at Happy Park flew blocks away from my home.

Before starting this observation project I talked to my brother if it’s a good idea to observe Jason cause he’s really shy person and would’t let me even go near him, so my brothers said Jason is an interesting person to get to know about, so I should do my project on him. Jason is really close to his older brother so I asked him he agreed to help me also to know Jason more and observe him. Before I started I did a research on ages between 6-8 years old, so I can see the changes that might happened or not happened yet in Jason. I wrote my observation about Jason on paper. I start asking Jason some basic questions about him like age, grade, color so he would feel comfortable around me, but I was wrong he still hates me perhaps cause I'm a girl. Then the next day from a little distance I would watch him play, talk, run, etc.

Personal and Confidential !3
Physical Development
Jason’s physical development for his certain age is average, but for his height he’s 54inches and the average height for seven years old is 45-53 inches and the mean is 48in, so that means he’s one inch taller for a seven year old. (“Height Measurement in Children” Appendices Table #2) Jason motor skills are exactly accurate for his age (“For 7-year-old children….Their motor skills will become sharper and more accurate.” Reference #2) he’s extremely good at playing sports like specially basketball with his brothers friends who are older then Jason. Jason uses motor skills such as running, while playing basketball he runs so fast that he grabs the basketball from the other players that they don't even notice when he snitches the ball from them. (“Seven year old should now have well-developed coordination and may seem full of energy and be keen to show off physical abilities” Reference #1) Other then running, playing sports Jason loves riding his bike he starting learning to ride a bike when he was three and half years old. (“Can ride a bike without training wheels.” Reference #5)

Cognitive Development
The cognitive development for Jason is below average but near close to average he knows some responsibilities he has like if his mother say’s “Jason its time to go your chores,” he’ll say, “later mom,” but his mom will say, “now Jason!” Then he’ll right away rush to finish what he has been told to do. (“Willing to take on more responsibility (i.e. chores” Reference #3) Jason can understand what some people view something as or what someone think about something specifically. Like if his brother has an argument...

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Personal and Confidential !7
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Personal and Confidential !8
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