Observation Checklist

Topics: Motor control, Motor skills, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Child Observations

Observation 1: Physical Development

Background information:

Age Group: 0-1 year Observation Number: 001
Date: 25/01/2013 Method Used: Checklist Media Used: Pen and paper Time Started: 13:10

Time Finished: 13:30
Number of Children Present: Two
Number of Adults Present: Three
Permission Sought: T.C.'s Mother Setting: The observation took in the T.C. home where she lives with her parents four years old sister and grandmother. Immediate Context: T.C. is lying on the floor in her bedroom, his four years old sister is also in the room with her. T.C.'s bedroom is well exupit with suitable for her age toys and hardback books.

Child Observed: For the purpose of this observation i will refer to the child as T.C which i mean target child.
Brief description of child: T.C is a female age 13 months. She is staying at home with her mother father, older sister and grandmother. Both parents are working full time so the grandmother looks after T.C on daily basis. The Observation Aim

and Rationale: My aim is to estimate the physical development of the child. My cause for doing this is to assess the gross and fine motor skill and assimilate them to the developmental norms....
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  • This essay is a child observation project, the format used is APA, which is the standard format for many social sciences class.

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