Observation Report

Topics: Classroom, Observation, Technology Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: January 26, 2015
Nick Blake
Anthropology 202
Professor Adams
17 April 2012
Observation Assignment
There really is no better place to see what kind of role technology plays in a college student’s life than in the classroom itself. For my observation assignment, I decided to observe a classroom on campus of The Ohio State University. I was able to spend two hours observing this classroom, during which time I was able to observe roughly 80 students and see what/if patterns there were and if there were any noteworthy observations to make. Luckily there was, and I have since been able to formulate a few different theories/opinions on how students use technology in spaces on campus. Observation

To conduct my observation, I chose a large lecture hall (about 150 seats) I knew of in Jennings Hall. The class ended up being a Statistics class taught by Jackie Miller. I chose to sit in the back and made sure to arrive about fifteen minutes early so I could watch the students come in. When I arrived there were already four people seated, each sitting in a different corner of the room. As more and more students filed in, I noticed many of those who came in talking with someone, also sat next to that person. Additionally, each of these pairs sat in the back half of the room. As class began there were about half of the seats in the entire room still empty, so about 70 to 80 students present on that day. The first thing that came to my attention was the number of students using laptops who were seated in the back of the room compared to those using them seated in the front of the room. I could not see one single person using a laptop seated in the front half of the room, but I counted 18 people using them in the back half. Of these 18, most were spaced out from each other with the exception of two different pairs of people who were sitting next to each other and appeared to be friends due to how much they talked throughout the lecture. About half of the people using the...
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