Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Child development Pages: 4 (867 words) Published: February 26, 2015
Name of Artifact: Artifact for standard NAEYC 1b,
Course: ECE 101 Early Childhood Education
In this rational i conclude my observation for my environment observation. I include paragraphs on every stage of development. The stages i include are Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, and language development.

On October, 22-23, 2014 i observed a child of the age of 4, i did this observation to fulfill the assignment for my Child Development course. The purpose of this observation was to figure out the how children develop at different stages in life this particular paper i wrote magnifies the age group of the preschool ages (3-5). The place i picked to do my observation in was the childs home. I prefered this location because i wanted them to feel the most comfortable for my observation. The place in the house of the child that i observed the most in was the childs room.

The assessment for social Development for this observation which is the gradual gaining of skills, relationships and attitudes that enables a person to interact in society, which i got from Psychology Dictionary. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2014 is as follows. Sha (child1) had visitors over one visitor was his cousin. Sha’s cousin was only 3 years of age his name was Connor. Sha and Connor were both in the same room stacking legos right across each other using the same legos and the same space. This is where they showed Parallel play. Parallel play is when ‘Children play with similar toys in similar ways, but not together” according to the book the developing person through childhood and adolescence by Kathleen Stassen and Ross A. Thompson. After an hour or so Sha and cousin Connor began to play with the smal hot wheel cars and they used short sentences to communicate for example My assessment for Emotional Development which is “Children learn when and how to express emotions, becoming more capable in...
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