Operations Management/Enterprise Project

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Course: Operations management
Enterprise Project:
Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing

Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing

Organizational Structure

Organizational structure plays an important role in the development, and arrangement of tasks. This is because the structure of an organization is used to coordinate department, and tasks such as coordination, allocation, and supervision. These activities are geared towards the achievement of set goals and objectives of respective organizations. When designing the organizational structure, I took into consideration the goals and objectives of the company. I considered both the long term and the short-term goal. This enabled me design the above structure to compel the organization to the achievement of the long term and short-term objectives of the organization through the effective coordination of the departments on the organization. Moreover, I decided to take the above design or structure with an aim of effectively monitoring the environment of the organization and the enterprise. The structure is important because it will determine the mode of operation within the organization, and it is line with the desired mode of operation. Generally, I decided to use the above structure because it clearly indicates the functions of different departments within the organization, it is simple and easy to understand and coordinate. Furthermore, the structure enhances the possibility of easily providing the foundation of standard operating routines and procedures. It also enhances participation in decision making because different departments have different functions, and contributions towards the achievements of goals and objectives of the firm. The company has three major departments. This is because the firm is not large and requires limited departments that can effectively serves the functions of the organization and leads to the achievement of the set goals and objectives within the stated deadline. Moreover, the structure is suitable because functions are clearly outlined on different departments, and it can be used to minimize conflict of authority. The organization is divided into smaller departments of marketing, finance and operations. The marketing department is further subdivided into sales manager, advertising or marketing or research manager. This department is essential because all organizations requires marketing department irrespective of their sizes or area of operation. This is because marketing department plays an important role in revenue enhancement and customer information on the goods and products of respective organizations. Secondly, the organization has a finance department, which is further subdivided into accounts receivable manager, and accounts payable manager. Organizations are in most cases formed with an aim of profit maximization. Profits cannot be maximized in case finances of the respective firm or organization are not effectively managed. Effective management of the finances of a company irrespective of its size requires a finance department. Moreover, organizations must budget to realize a profit or determine if they are incurring losses. This is because organizations operate within a limited budget. Finally, the organization has an operation department, which is further subdivided into production manager, service manager and facilities manager. An operation department is important for organizations because operations must be regulated to enhance effective and quality performance of the employees. This department is also responsible for the coordination of the functions of other departments within the organization such as marketing and finance. Although the organization is a production firm, it also has a service manager. Provision of services within an organization is vital irrespective of the nature of the business. Producing firms must also establish a service branch or department within the...
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