P1 - Unit 4

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P1 – Describe physical, intellectual, emotion and social development for each of the life stages of an individual.

Everyone in their life is constantly going through life stages. Every person is put into a certain life stages there are seven which we are considered to be in these are:

Foetal development
Infancy 0-3
Childhood 4-9
Adolescence 10-18
Young Adulthood 19-40
Older adulthood 41-64
Old age (Elderly) 65+

Each stage a developments will happen, these will be physical, intellectual, emotional and social which will help in our lives as we all grow up.

Foetal Development
Foetal development is the stages that you go through when you are being developed through pregnancy, of from when you are fertilised all the way up to birth. You will go through many changes in these nine months. Physical Development – This is where the formation of a person will start, it starts off when the sperm fuses with the egg and from then development will happen right through the weeks. It will start off with the head, notochord and spinal cord developing. From then on more features will branch off and develop. At three weeks you have the embryo becoming c shaped and the umbilical cord starts to form. Then at five weeks your organs will start forming slowly these would include your gut, stomach, liver, start getting your heart bulge and intestinal loop. Then up to six weeks when your eyes are visible and mouth, this is where the ears and nose will start forming while your limps grow rapidly from tiny buds. Then at eight weeks the face is more human and the tail is gone. During the remaining months all the organs have developed. At 20 weeks the foetus would have reached half of its length before birth. By 32 weeks the foetus would have reached half its weight before birth. Finally at 9 months it will be born it will be fully developed and ready to start life as a child. Intellectual Development – During pregnancy there wouldn’t be much intellectual development, because its brain would only just be forming. They wouldn’t need to think and do things for itself as has not been born. Emotional Development – There wouldn’t be any because they are a unborn still inside the mother so it wouldn’t have any emotional development. Social Development – The same as intellectual and emotional it hasn’t been born so it hasn’t gone through anything social intellectual or emotional to go thought these development stages. Infancy 0-3 years

This will be from when you are born and while you are going through being a toddler and major life changing events, these are things like getting your teeth, a start to life, learning to walk and talk and starting your process of growing up. Physical Development – 0-12 months: They will develop many things during these short years, at each month they learn to do something new with a little help. At 0-1 month they can lift their head slightly. At 6 months they should be able to pass an object from hand to hand, also have the ability to roll over. 9-10 months they should be able to crawl. Finally at 12 months they should be able to stand alone. They will start developing reflexes as they grow up they will know the grasp, startle and walking reflex. They don’t get taught these they will just know these as they grow and develop. This is what every child learns and it will stick with them through life. Aged 1-3: At 14 months the child should be able to walk with support and then at 22 months should be able to freely walk around without help. When they reach 2 years old they should have the ability to run around. The child should also be able to eat small amounts and drink from a babies cup, without much help from their parents. At this age children should be able to scribble and stack blocks with a little help, but over all they can do it by themselves. Intellectual Development : 0-12 months: Babies are born with some actions which...
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