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Reality or Fairytale1

Reality or Fairytale2

These days it seems every TV channel has their own reality shows, everyone seems to be really crazy about them and even the sponsors are ready to pour in money. Contestants of the show are made to fall in love, sing to the top or even live in the wilderness to win. Some are related to real life as well as others are in the fairytale aspect. Some celebrities are frequently invited on theses show to increase the TRP ratings of the show for more money and more publicity for the contestants and the channel. The bitter truth in all of this is there is actually very little reality in these reality shows. In this paper I will explore the truth about how real the reality of these shows are or how fairytale are they. There are so many reality shows for almost everything now. For example there is Keeping up with the Kardashians reality TV show is that really portraying the majority of everyone else’s reality?? They are born into money and fame and had parents who were famous before they made a name for themselves. Then there is a flip side and another show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these women became an instant celebrity overnight however it paved a way for them to become wealthier and more popular with becoming actresses on other sitcom shows or doing a clothing line, finding love and building a family. Below are some shocking statistics for reality TV. • According to Medical Procedure News, reality television is attributing to cosmetic surgery procedures with more than 9.2 million procedures performed as result of people watching these shows

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• According to WebMD Medical News, reality television is contributing to eating disorders in teen girls.  With shows like Are You Hot? The Search for America’s Sexiest People and Extreme Make Over, young women believe that to be accepted you have to be “hot” or a “bombshell.” (Kirchheimer) Since the boom of reality television in 2000, eating disorders in teenage girls (ages 13-19) have nearly tripled. • Americans spend 1/3 of their free time watching television and of that 67% are reality shows (“Statistics…”) • The number of shooting days for reality TV in Los Angeles rose 53% last year, making up about 40% of all on-location production • Of the 240,000 entertainment jobs in Los Angeles, 30,000 are tied to reality television • It costs $7 dollars to produce a 10-day reality show • Reality TV episodes have increased to 57% of all television shows that can be found on your screens • There are more than five violent scenes in an hour of prime time, and five murders a night (“Statistics…”)

While Reality TV has the potential to
offer some informative type of programs what do we know what is really real, or fairytale. So it causes some difficulty to determine the reality of it all. As a recent article from The Encyclopedia of American Studies (2010) maintains that the social significance of reality TV is as difficult to determine since the texts are often conflicted and contradictory, but there are some common elements that provide clues to what is the real of the real television shows.

Reality or Fairytale4

Moreover while reality programs depend on the media technology they seek to transcend and they are very focused on bodily experience in a way that authenticates the actual presence and function of the body in direct opposition staged fictional characters and narratives.

Reality TV can be presented as a freak of attractions who is degradation can be Reality or Fairytale used for positive outcomes. Reality television was able to develop and mutate so quickly because of technological advances such as shows as American Idol (2002) which consists of casting votes and others who are on reality television for their lifestyle such as The...

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