Topics: Want, Hoity Toity, Need Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: April 1, 2013
I went in event last Saturday I saw my friends in high school and asked each other how hey are. When we talking about they own life, we smelled some like delicious food, one of my friend want to see what the chef cook for us. After seeing the delicious food we wants to try if the food is in good taste. Were together in one table and all eating together while my friend comments about the taste of food what we eating, and she said it's so yummy, when I tasted I, all I can say is nothing because I can not explain what the taste food because it it so very delicious. After eating, we continued what are the topic about they own life and of course mine too. In another table, they're are some of other friends seating the next table. I heard they talking about they love life and they so very happy to talk about it, because the girl speaking about her boyfriend is so very smiling when she talks, obviously she hoity toity. The party is almost done, and I need to go before 12 :00 o’clock like my daddy's said, because I have a school tomorrow. I'm so very happy and enjoyed the night together with my high school friends and also my classmates in the party, its just like a little reunion. I was unforgettable experienced to see each other again unforeseen. I will never forge this nigh because I never anticipate to see them. I hope one day will see each other again.
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