Pediatric Patients

Topics: Jean Piaget, Walking, Human height Pages: 4 (802 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Growth and Development

Age___10Y__  Sex_M__

Date of Admission __02/09/2014____

(Admit) Height _52”__  Weight-25KG___ BP-106/69___ P-69__  R-20__  T-97.6_  O2 Sat - 99__RA__ O2 @L_____Diet__Clear liquid, advance diet as tolerated_____

Admit Diagnosis ________Right lower quadrant pain

Current Diagnosis ____Appendicitis__________________________________

Chief Complaint/Reason for Hospitalization____Appendicitis/Appendectomy_

Clinical Setting____Pediatric Unit________________________

Date___02/10______ age of child_______10 years___________

Clinical setting- Pediatric Unit_____________________

Date__2/10_______ age of child_______10 Y______

Summary of Growth and Development

Physical Development
  Child’s head is close to adult size.
  The child’s body becomes more proportionate.
Average height gain of 2-10” per year. Normal height for a 10 year old boy is 51”. Average weight gain of 15-55 lbs per year. Average weight for a 10 year old boy is 70.4 lbs.   Temperature, pulse, respirations approach adult norms.

Child’s vital signs are within normal ranges after having his surgery.   Child’s physical growth spurt has not occurred. He seems to be on the small side for his age. Patient’s height of 52” is in the normal range, while his weight of 55lbs is below average.

Sensorimotor Development

Concrete operational stage (7-11 years).
Thoughts become coherent and logical.
Child is able to classify, sort and order facts about the world. Child develops problem solving skills.
Reasoning is inductive.
Can use numbers beyond 100 with understanding.
Can do simple fractions.

Patient is talkative and understands the hospital setting and his illness. He speaks about his personal life and communicates his needs. Patient was in pain and did not want to ambulate; however, he had been told that he needed to walk in order to go home. Patient used logical thinking and ambulated so he could go...
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