Peer Tutoring

Topics: Energy, Classroom, English-language films Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: April 20, 2013
I have learned a lot from peer tutoring. it has broadened my horizone on what being a role model really means. not only did i get to work with some amazing grade nines but i also learned a lot from them. coming into peer tutoring i didnt know what to expect, but i soon learned that its a great class! i made relationships with most of the students which made me be more of assistance, when they needed help. for example, i was able to get to know Erica better, since i sat next to her i began to know her a lot better which was easier for me to help her when she needed some help with tasks. Erica is a great girl! always filled with positivity and excitment, i had a lot of fun and learned a lot from working with her. eventhough, sometimes it is hard for her to concentrate and stay on tasks when working on assignments she ussually takes instruction well. it is a good that Erica likes to express her opinions on topics and descusions while we are in groups. sometimes her opinions lead to topics that are not realivent to the assignment given to accomplish, and sometimes she needs constant reminders to stay foccussed and get back on tasks. her cheerfull attitude makes it easy to work with her and explain things that she doesnt understand. when she works with Reign it is very hard to get them both to focuss on their own work and i usually have to seperate them so they can get their work done. reign is also another student that i have gotten to know quit well. she is a hard worker with determination and will power, she comes prepared mostly everyday and tries her hardest. what can be a problem sometimes is that she doesnt always have her assignments done and ready to hand in, she has been lacking in this area for a good portion of the semester. when i work with reign, it is sometimes hard for her to pay attension and understand what the assignment is. Reign also struggles in taking charge and getting her work done because she gets distracted by other students in the...
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