Personal Readiness Plan Relating to Natural Disaster Essay

Topics: Power outage, Electric power transmission, Hurricane Katrina Pages: 6 (2225 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Charlene Harris
NURS 421
Professor Sirmans
December 3rd 2012

1) Identify your thought process, strategies and preparations for your Individual Personal Readiness Plan relating to Hurricane Sandy.

Just over one month ago, the Northeast was not prepared for what would be the most treacherous storm; Hurricane Sandy. The Northeast was never face with a hurricane of this magnitude; Hurricane Sandy became the largest Atlantic hurricane on record and caused damages of at $20 billion. I remember when I first heard about Hurricane Sandy, it began its journey in the Caribbean Jamaica. I didn’t pay much attention to it because it was a norm for the Caribbean to have hurricanes around the ending of the summer. However, when I heard that my grandmother had to be lifted out of her home because the wind lifted the roof off her house and my aunt house that she was building was no longer a house the only thing that was left was the base of the concrete, I knew it was bad. When, I heard that the hurricane was going to hit the Northeast, my first thought was to prepare for the worst. I began to prepare my family and myself for the worst because I realize what damage could occur because of what my family experienced in Jamaica. I started to make a list of what is the needed just in case we lost power. I made sure we had candles, match, flashlight and igloo with ice to keep my daughters milk because she drinks her milk every night and morning. I also wanted to make sure that I had enough nonperishable food in the house. I went to the supermarket and stock up on water, canned food, lots of cereal, bread, peanut butter, crackers and other nonperishable items. After we prepared the food items and other necessity that was needed, we decided to put the garbage cans in the deck and move all the outside furniture inside to make sure that they didn’t blew away. We made one mistake of not buying a generator sooner because they were all sold out when we went to get one. Lastly, we check to see if we were one of the zone A evacuation areas , thank God we were not one of the areas but we still wanted to prepare our family so we located the nearest shelter just in case we needed to evacuate. I call my mom and my sister to make sure they were getting prepare for the worst case scenario. I wanted my mom to stay with me because her home is directly across for the Springfield Gardens Park and I was worried that one of the trees would cause major damages. 2) Describe our personal experience and or losses during and in the aftermath of the hurricane.

I am grateful that my family and I didn’t suffer any major damages. I lost power during the hurricane around 11pm my family and I was watching the hurricane coverage on CNN and the light blink once then it came back on and it blinks a second time and it never came back on until seven days after. I stayed at my home for 2days I was displace for the next 5days because my daughter is asthmatic and had pneumonia few weeks back so I didn’t want to take the chance with her getting sick again. Fortunately my mom had power so we were able to stay with her. The only outside damages was the door on our shed was bent in a little that was an easy fixed. Apart from that my family and I were very fortunate.

The day after the hurricane pass we decided to go to the gas station. On our way we drove through the neighborhood and realized that our neighborhood didn’t suffer any major damages. There were power lines down and a few fallen trees but the homes were in good conditions just a few missing sidings. The street lights weren’t working, that was very scary. The Gas station trip was the biggest disaster we drove to at least 10 different locations to get gas and we had no luck the lines were going around blocks and people were also standing in line with containers. We went as far as sitting at a gas station for 6hrs waiting to see if the gas truck would show up but we waited in vain. We decided to go home and park...
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