Persuasive Outline

Topics: Community service, Classroom, Learning Pages: 3 (524 words) Published: May 11, 2015
Name: Andrew Seifert
Marc Malone
Public Speaking: Persuasive Speech
Date: 4/18/2015
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Goal: At the end of my speech my audience will consider volunteering for community service. Organizational Pattern: Statement of Reasons
Thesis Statement: High school students should have to take part in community service, also known as service learning, so they learn to appreciate what they have more and learn something new along the way. Introduction: Benefits of community service

I. Students will find more motivation in their studies (“Benefits”.) A. When students are required to participate in community service it will push them to put more effort into other things. B. It helps students think outside the box in their learning II. According to the University of Michigan, “it increases the likelihood of transferring theoretical knowledge to actual practice” (“Benefits”.) A. They will improve in & out of class room

B. It will help students memorize more
III. It helps students think outside the box in their learning (“Benefits”.) A. Longer and sufficient answers
B. Help on tests and essays
I. There are also several reasons community service, will improve students outside the classroom. A. Students will connect easier with others (“Service”.) 1. The class will interact more with others

2. Students will get to know the community better
B. Students will improve social and emotional skills (“Service”.) 1. Students learn to respect others and/or teachers
2. Students will realize what they have and be grateful for that C. Improve character and behavior (“Service”.)
1. This will help on job or other interviews
2. Decrease bad or improper behavior
A. Students spend several hours working on community service projects 1. “Teenagers volunteer 2.4 billion hours annually-worth $34.3 billion to the US economy” (Latham, Molly.) 2. Different projects: community clean up, recycling, feeding homeless

B. The last four...

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