Physical activity for children

Topics: Learning, Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: April 1, 2014

Physical Activity for Children

This essay will explore the areas of children’s development. The age groups which will be discussed within it are children from the ages of two too six years of age and children from the age of six too eleven years of age. The areas of development which will be covered are physical, intellectual, skill and psychological. The author will then conclude by making reference to the effect on physical activity for children and why it can influence them for the rest of their lives. Physical development

Children between two and six years have slow and steady gains in height and weight, especially in the legs which account for 66% of their total increase in height. Females tend to have growth spurts two years before males, but when males have spurts they have them for a longer period of time developing heavier bones and stringier muscles as well. Between the ages of six and eleven the average children’s legs continue to grow very quickly while the head will be disproportionately large, the bones also tend to increase in length and density, gradually as they grow towards adolescence. Intellectual development

Children between the ages of two and six years tend to be egocentric and selfish and don’t consider other people’s feelings. They also tend to do something quickly even if it involves hurting another child’s feelings, they will not consider the consequences until after they have done it. At this age children also find it difficult to learn from experience so they could make the same mistakes over and over again. Time and place could also be a confusion at this age and not having a complete understanding of your surroundings. From the ages of six to eleven the child can start to learn from experience although, they still have a tendency to do something without thinking about it. When the child reaches about seven or eight years they will start to understand that time goes by at a uniform speed and can perhaps arrange plans...
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