Physical Development in Middle Childhood

Topics: Childhood, Child development, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: April 27, 2012
There are many important factors to consider when teaching students aged in their middle childhood (6-10 years) and planning curriculum. During this time the student’s physical development is changing dramatically and as teachers we need to understand the changes they are going through so we can adjust the learning environment accordingly. By “physical” I of course mean the development of the body, brain and motor skills. I will now explain the importance of all factors needed for excellent physical growth and development in the middle childhood years. One important factor of physical activity during these years is to improve their gross and fine motor skills which assists with the many other benefits that being physically active will give a child. Their gross and fine motor skills are becoming more advanced and need to be capitalised upon. Children are learning to ride bikes, play in organised and team orientated sports – all with more co-ordination and understanding than before. While engaging in these activity’s they are improving their gross motor skills and this gives them a great sense of gratification. Also during this time their fine motor skills will be improving such as their handwriting, drawing, painting, crafts and building. In the middle childhood years children are becoming more aware of their surroundings, community and culture. They can start to see themselves as an individual that can read, write, learn and adhere to rules and understand why we need them. Physical development can affect other areas of development in very positive ways. It helps them to be able to relate & interact with others. This era sees those making relationships with their peers. They make friendships with others and along with friendship come the enviable fights. This is also important as they learn to sort out these disagreements and learn from them. This comes from their developing ability to think for themselves – having different points of view, being able to see...
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