Physical Development of Children

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Unit 5-Understanding the promotion of Physical Development of Children and Young People. Task 1 A-LO1.1-Produce a chart or table containing the following below: Define Growth and Development and describe the stages and sequence of physical development in the following stages: Growth-Process of moving from one stage of life to another, it is also an increase in size. Development-Process of growing or developing.

Stages| Sequence of Physical Development|
0-3 Years| At birth children start to develop survival and micro reflexes. They learn simple activities like grasping and sucking.At 3 months they learn how to smile and make eye contact. They learn to show that they are enjoying your company. Children learn how to show elements of routine. At 6 months children become very strong and may be able to roll over. They learn how to do many things like pushing up on their hands.At 9 months they become clear about the main people in their lives, at this stage they also may start to crawl.At 1 year they may start to walk by holding on to things and trying to stand up. Children also start to develop their own personality. At 2 years they start to climb and begin to play alongside others. They will like to play with other children and lastly the child doubles in height and weight. | 3-7 Years| At this stage children begin school, At this stage children begin school, Learn appropriate social skills, Are able to manage tasks, Able to use language well, Child learns how to hop, skip and climb, height and weight increases rapidly. At 3 years children begin to cope with separation, they also learn how to express themselves to others. There physical skills increase and they enjoy their own world play. At 4 years children begin school. They are able to use language well and fairly grammatically. Their behaviour is cooperative although they need reassurance. At this stage children are also able to manage different types of tasks. At 5-6 years they can enjoy jokes with friends and they develop very strong friendship.| 7-12 Years| At this stage children are usually busy and active, Have a good appetite, Improved health with few short illnesses. At 7-9 years children develop cognitive development. Children start to reason. They also start to develop reading and writing skills. They are able to complete tasks quicker. Friendship becomes more stable. At 10-12 years they prefer company of their friends. Their confidence increases. Reasoning and problem solving skills become more sophisticated. Puberty begins for many girls. Reading and writing skills develop, Successful in controlling their emotions and they begin comparing themselves to others. | 12-16 Years| At 12-16 years many changes occur from childhood to adulthood. Changes in hormones, expectations desires etc. Conflicts with parents may occur. Friendship is seen as a source of support and a way of gaining identity.| LO1.2-Evaluate how these stages of physical development relate to other areas of development. In completing this task, charts/diagrams could be used to accompany the descriptions. There are 5 areas of development that children and young people experience. Physical-The needs of the body.

Intellectual-The needs of the mind.
Emotional-Our feelings.
Social-Our need for the company of others.
Physical development is effected by environment, poor nutrition, sickness and physical disability. Intellectual development is effected by brain damage, lack of understanding and...

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