Physical development of a child

Topics: Child development, Childhood, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: February 18, 2014
According to John Santrock, "Development" can be defines as a pattern of change that begins at conception and continues throughout the human's life, while the Oxford school dictionary defines "Physical" as having to do with the body rather than the mind.

This article I examined written by Alex Brooks with further clarification from John Santrock, Brooks believe that person's view of physical development is more than just hitting the right percentiles on a height chart. He believes that with research conducted by the Australian Department of Health and Aging shows that all babies grow in the same order but at completely different rates where he then shows were one seven month child maybe be chatting madly while another maybe playing silently on his playing mat. I believe he says that to say young child's physical development varies and should be treated accordingly.

Before I examine the different changes a quote from Alex says that "child development achievements are called milestones" and the development of gross motor skill is one of these huge achievements. At this stage I believe these individuals are now moving their large muscles which is indeed a joy to parents but more importantly a joy to them because they are very adventurous and confident in any movement they make and parents should encourage them and not let them feel a level of shame in exploring as Erikson's second stage indicates. John added that at this stage muscle strength increases and thus provides a wide range of movement which gradually increases when developing. Another huge milestone is the development of fine motor skills and with this both Alex's and John researches are related because Alex proof that at this stage these children's small muscles are now able to grasp and control objects such as bread crumbs. But with extensive research from Santrock he realizes that as they further develop they improve coordination substantially and become even more precise in even building...
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