Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

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Associative play the child plays with other children. The conversation concerns the common activity there is borrowing and lending of toys, following one another, among other activities. All the members engage in similar if not identical activity and there is no division of labor. Each child plays as he wishes. By his conversation with other children one can tell that his interest is primarily in his association not his activity. Cooperative or organized supplementary play the child plays in a group that is organized for the purpose of making some material product, of striving to attain competitive goal, of dramatizing situations of adult and group life, or of playing formal games. The control of the group situations is in the hands of one or two members who direct the activity of the others. The goal as well as the method of attaining it necessitates a division of labor, taking of different roles by the various group members and the organization of activity so that the efforts of one child are supplemented by those of the others. Types of Cognitive Play

According to Piaget and Smolensk, children’s cognitive development in early childhood allows them to progress from: Functional play or sensor motor play, any simple repetitive muscle movement with or without objects, such as rolling a ball or pulling a pull toy Constructive play manipulation of objects to construct or to create something Dramatic or pretend play, Substitution of an imaginary situation to satisfy the child’s personal wishes and needs. Pretending to be someone or something like wonder woman, teacher, engineer, and the like Games with rules any activity with rules, structure, and a goal like chess, games of the general, monopoly, snakes and ladder, and others.

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