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* Aim of Play Activity
* Comprehensive Planning
* Detailed Implementation
* Evaluation
* Recommendations
* Personal Learning
* Bibliography

Aim of Play Activity
The Play activity i implemented was face mask painting. The aim of this activity was to take a holistic approach which support and promote each area of the child’s area of development. A holistic approach is approach which considres the child as a whole person and understand what they have achieved and what they have not achieved by looking at how the developmental areas link up, and how progress in one area can affect progress in another area eg a child is able to use a knife and fork (physical) which leads to greater independence and increased self esteem (emotional). This approach is important because it influences the planning of future activities involving the child which will help their development as a whole person and not just their development in one area. That children learn and develop holistically is acknowledged by many educationalists eg Froebel, Steiner, and Montessori. Steiner in particular exemplified the ‘whole child’ approach. He developed stages for human development which had cognitive implications for teaching and learning. A thematic approach to understanding and supporting children’s learning and development as presented in the Framework for Early Learning developed by the NCCA, bridges the gap between the developmental domains and a more holistic and integrated approach. The Framework for Early Learning’s thematic approach to presenting children’s learning and development conveys successfully the integrated and holistic development of the young learner, and his/her learning needs. The thematic approach such as Aistear – the early childhood curriculum framework themes of Well-being, Identity and Belonging, Communicating, and Exploring and Thinking bridges the developmental domains and moves towards a more integrated way of thinking about how children learn and develop. This new way of thinking continues to support children to grow and develop socially, linguistically, physically, cognitively, creatively, and so on but in a way which is more natural, more meaningful and enjoyable for children. Children’s interests and needs are at the centre of what and how they learn. An effective curriculum acknowledges that children learn and develop holistically.

Comprehensive Planning
I had a few ideas of what activities I wanted to do for the activity. In considering if face mask painting was suitable, i discussed it with my supervisor Mia. We considered the following: * age appropriateness of each child

* How developmentally appropriate of the activity.
* Suitabilty of the activity for the group size.
* Materials needed
* Time needed to carry out the task
* Link with aistear themes.
My supervisor was happy to go ahead with the activity as it linked with the themes of Aistear. The group size was 10 kids all aged between the ages of two to three and a half years of age. She said also that all materials that were going to be used were suitable for the kids age group. The following day I went to the art supply store and bought the face masks and glitter needed for the task. Mia had all other materials in stock so I didn’t need to buy them. Mia my supervisor told me the best time to do the activity would be after snack time. We decided that the activity would be a two day task and allocated 30 minutes for day one and 15 mins for the second day to implement it.

Material used
* Eleven plain white masks

* Different colour glitter

* Paintbrushes

* Non-Toxic Paint of varying colours

* Aprons for the kids
* Table cloths for protecting the tables
* Empty jam jars
* Non Toxic glue
* Plates for dividing the paint

Having decided with Mia, the supervisor that the task was going to be face mask...

Bibliography: *
- Children’s early learning & development paper
- Aistear
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