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1. Name 5 tools to have handy while studying
pen/pencil, paper, highlighter, dictionary, ruler (etc.)

2. List 5 distractions one should avoid while studying
windows, TV, video games, siblings/other people, music, food, pets, phone, computer, text, (etc.)

3. What is the difference between hearing and listening?
Hearing only acknowledges noise; listening acknowledges and processes information presented by what one hears

4. Name 3 things one can do to be an ACTIVE listener in class participate in class discussionstake notesask questions

5. Name 3 key phrases or mannerisms teachers will give to inform the student that information is important to know and will probably be on a test/quiz. “This is important.”“This will be on the test.” “Write this down.” “Make sure you know this.”“Study this.” (etc.)

Mannerisms: Teacher will repeat information. Teacher will have an inflection in voice (hint, hint).

6. Name 6 ways to make notes less wordy (shorthand methods)
using symbols, abbreviations, simple drawings, outlines, maps, and summaries

7. Besides the text, what other information should you pay attention to in order to help you to grasp ideas and concepts?
pictures/illustrations, maps, charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, summaries, captions (etc.)

8. Name 5 things to look for in a good study space
good lighting, a clear flat surface (desk), no windows, no distractions nearby (tv, phone, etc.), fresh air, quiet, (etc.)

9. Name an acronym to help you memorize facts, and what does it stand for? HOMES (The 5 Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior)

Multiple Choice:

1. If you’re having trouble with a question on a test/quiz,
A. Use the eenie meenie minee moe method to choose the answer
B. Leave it blank
C. Skip the question and return to it later

2. Before beginning the test
A. Eat a chocolate bar to give you a boost of energy
B. Read all the directions and questions carefully
C. Look at the clock and determine how many minutes you have to complete each question

3. When studying material from a text book
A. Skim the text to get the general ideas, and then read everything more carefully
B. Highlight the information as you read along. That way you only need to read it once.
C. Skip around from section to section to avoid becoming bored with the subject matter.

4. After studying
A. Take a nap; you’ll be tired
B. Test yourself to see what you know and what you need to study harder on
C. Watch TV or play a video game to help you unwind

5. When answering multiple-choice questions on tests
A. Read all the answers before making your selection
B. Use the eenie meenie minee moe method to choose the answer
C. Try to spell out words with the letters of your answers

6. When studying
A. Play music as loudly as possible to drown out any distractions (heavy metal works best)
B. Have plenty of snacks available
C. Don’t sit near the TV or other potential distractions

7. When taking a short break from studying
A. Treat yourself to a healthy snack
B. Treat yourself to your favorite TV program (or two… or three)
C. Treat yourself to a movie with a friend

8. The best way to memorize important facts is to
A. Memorize them all the day before the test. That way they’ll be fresh in your head.
B. Memorize a few facts every day while reviewing the facts you memorized earlier
C. Set aside 2-3 hours and memorize them all at once.

9. When taking notes in class, what is the ratio of listening to the teacher and writing notes?
A. 50% listening; 50% writing
B. 70% listening; 30% writing
C. 80% listening; 20% writing

10. When taking notes
A. Interpret what your teacher says using your own words
B. Use your teachers’ exact words,...
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