Positive Behavior Support Teacher Interview

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Positive Behavior Support Teacher Interview
Ed Raiford
Grand Canyon University: SPE-522
July 15, 2014

This paper will discuss the effects of distant setting events and antecendents and the effects they have on behavior. The different distant settings that exsist play a major role in the everyday functionality of classrooms and learning enviroments. These distant setting events and antecendents exsist daily and consist of a variety of different elements that can arise ant any given moment and can go unnoticed and undiagnosed. We will take a look at how distant settings events directly affect not only the individual experiencing them but also others who in this case have direct contact with them in a school setting on an everday basis. We will define the relationship between distant setting events and antecedents that influence student behavior and examine what exactly distant setting events are and how teachers deal with them on a everyday basis. We will find out how teachers juggle dealing with handling multiple situations that concerning distant settings events and if they have any support to help them neutralize and balance out the behavior effects and restore structure and order back to their classroom setting.

The paper’s discussion is a reflection of an interview I conducted with a special education teacher at Lakeside High School in Lake Elsinore, Ca. I sat down with him and discussed in detail every issue previously mentioned and his responses were as follows: The first question I asked was “Define the relationship between distant setting events and antecedents that influence student behavior” His reply: A setting event is defined as something or someone that directly agitates and triggers usually an outburst of behavior. These events can take place at home, on the ride into school, walking to school, riding the bus into school, lack of sleep, forgotten medication, or even something as little as waking up late and throwing off an everyday routine. Antecedents are the things that act as triggers to behavior in the present state such as surroundings, situations, conditions, and events. The antecedent’s reaction is usually more common when some type of setting event has taken place (R. Wolters, personal communication, July 12, 2014).

Second question “How does the teacher handle these challenges?” His reply: It is our job as teachers to be more aware of the challenges our students may be experiencing both inside and outside of the classroom. We need to notice changes that may occur in students from day to day and little behavior traits that may exist and indicate that there may be something going on and take the time to see if there is some type of pattern that is causing behavioral instances. I personally try to take the time to notate if there are any patterns that exist when I have a situation with a child and there are some type of behavioral issue. For example I try to see if there are any contributing factors to the situation like: bad behavior when arriving to school after riding the bus, aggressive behavior being shown directly after break. I then usually can see that these things are triggers to behavior changes and now I must figure out a way to curve those things if possible. In my class we have a few different ways of handling some of these challenges. First I make sure to let everyone as far as para educators, one on one aids, TA’s and anyone else assisting in my class know what type of issues we may be having with a particular student so we are all on the same page and can attack the problem collectively. We then go about trying to find ways to diffuse the situation and this can include reassigning work, showing increased patience, single out and giving encouragement and praise to build self-esteem, or using humor are all ways that I try to be proactive and help to diffuse any situation that may be on the horizon and show threat of...

References: Wolters, R., (2014, July 12). Personal Interview.
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