Postive Effects on an Online Course

Topics: Full-time, Periodization, E-learning Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Positive Effects of an Online Course
Attending school full time and having a full time job very much effects the time I have throughout my day to day life, therefore I must make the most wise decisions in order to make the hours in my day efficient . When I was first introduced to an online course, I knew this would be a great opportunity to balance my priorities and in turn, allow my schedule to run much smoother from such a hectic schedule. There are many positive effects that come along with an online course and I have experienced them first hand in result of my decision to enroll in an online course. By doing so I have made my academic years very free flowing and the outcome of an online course have positive effects such as being able to be flexible with my time, being my own absence patrol and developing a flexible gas budget. First off, one of the main reasons I very much enjoy being enrolled in an online course throughout the semester is the time flexibility advantage and not physically being required to sit in a classroom. While enrolled in an online course you are able to set aside your own hours when completing an assignment and focus on your own time and then submit by the deadline assigned. You are able to decide when you want to complete an assignment and the hours of your choice could be during a lunch break or even late at night. As a full time employee I see the opportunity as a missing puzzle piece to my daily life; I love flexibility. In a lecture course there is certain time period to where you are obligated to sit in facing toward the professor and listen to their lecture for about two hours two to three times a week. I find meeting at a specific time period for an entire semester, can at times be very frustrating and inconvenient when you work a full time job. I am an individual who likes to move forward quickly with assignments and get straight to the point; I do not like to feel imprisoned in a classroom. I am able to view the...
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