power of one

Topics: Africa, British Empire, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: January 5, 2014

The Power of One
Before the 1680’s, Afrikaners live in the South of Africa, they are also known as White Africans. For the next 250 year the British Empire and the Afrikaners are going to fight for the land, gold, and 20 million Native Africans. This is also known as the world war two. In 1930, Peter’s mother sent him to a concentration camp because of the cattle that died with cattle plaque. In the concentration camp he was bullied, a lot. Mr.Pil a African slave taught Peter how to box, because he want to become a boxer but he said he was too light, that was never the problem though. Around his teen age he became a boxing champion The Africans are living in their own lands but they are being abused by the white guard and the White Africans. Some of the Africans are in jail and also slaves. In the middle of the movie Peter taught the slaves how to make their own songs by clapping and teach them how to sing and etc…Peter also know how to speak the African prison’s language and also translated during their performing. Peter is old enough to attend school and he made a white best friend too, that school only allowed the whites to attend. He is in love with Maria but her father doesn’t approve their relationship, they had some problems but was resolved and helped Peter taught the Africans so they can become literate. Botha raided on Alexandra and killed Maria. Peter wanted to flee to England but his friend consoled him and told him all the good things and the changes he had done. At the end peter and Duma vow to continues this campaign against racial issues in southern Africa. Finally, there is a meaning to his life. The End!
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