Preschool Observation

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I visited and observed a pre-school class at Dent-Phelps R3 School in Salem, Missouri. There were seventeen students with on teacher, Mrs. Becker. Mrs. Becker has been a pre-school educator for 15 years. The class room is very clean and neatly organized. The class room is very colorful. There are many posters up on the walls. There are posters with pictures of animals, some with pictures of shapes and colors. . There is art work that the students had done hanging on the walls. Each student has his or her own cubby where they hang their coats, and it has a place at the bottom of it for them to place their lunch, if they brought one, and any library books they might have. As the students entered the room in the morning they each went to the white board where there was a chart with their name on it and a box for whether they brought their lunch or was getting lunch from the school and they had to put their marker in the proper box. They then would go to their cubby, remove their coats and hang them up, place their book bags or lunch boxes in the proper place. Then they started to play with some building blocks that are in the class room. There were several students who exhibited Parallel play, which is they were playing next to each other, but were not playing with each other. There were two students who exhibited Solitary play, which is they were playing alone and did not appear to be aware of the other students that were playing nearby. There were also students that exhibited Cooperative play which is they were playing together and taking turns. After the bell rang all of the students immediately started putting up the toys they were playing with, and took their seats. Mrs. Becker started the class off by making sure all of the students had taken care of their lunch status. After this the pledge of allegiance was said over the intercom. As soon as it was announced that it was going to be said, all of the students stood from their desks, turned to face the...
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