Product Design and Development

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Module of product design and total quality management for aviation industry, aviation maintenance industry, pilots and students of aviation management

Superior University

Product Design and Development / TQM
Module Handbook


1. Staff and Course Delivery Arrangements03
2. Course Introduction03
3. Course Objective04
4. Course Coverage04
5. Student Gains06
6. Teaching and Learning Methodology06
7. Assignments 08
8. Assessment Details and Policies08
9. Lecture Plan09
10. Learning Outcomes09
11. Academic & Disciplinary Policies10
12. Assessment Grades and Percentages11


1.1 Teaching Staff

Module Leader

|Name |Khalid Baloch | |Room and Building |Department of Aviation Technology / Admn Block | |Phone Number | | |Email | | |Consultation Hours |Working Hours |

Module Tutor

|Name |Imtiaz Hussain/ Khalid Baloch | |Room and Building |Avn / Admin Block | |Phone Number | | |Email | | |Consultation Hours |11:15PM to 02:15PM |

1.2 Course Delivery Arrangements

|Course Name and Code: |Product Design and Development / TQM | |Credit Hours: |03 | |Lecture Duration: |03 hrs in a week | |Day: |Monday and Wednesday | |Time: |11:15 hrs- 14:15hrs | |Venue: |Aviation Class Room No 35 |

2. Course Introduction

This module is designed to provide study of the basics of Product Design and Development / TQM in Aviation with the view of providing detail information on the theory behind these areas for the students of aviation. This course is designed to help the student understand and predict the characteristics of different aviation maintenance practices used in engineering specifically in aviation. This course intends to covers the course contents mentioned in the section of course coverage. |Program: | BS Aviation Technology | |Semester: | 5th |Session: |2010-2011 | |Pre Requisites: | | |Follow Up: |...
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