Proprietary vs. Contract Security Paper

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Proprietary vs. Contract Security Paper
Security today has been on the top of many companies and businesses list of priorities. Where in the past a single security guard proved sufficient, today alarmed sensors, metal detectors and security guards are required to conduct the same security. The need for some type of security implementation is necessary in every business. There are a few options when considering the hiring of security. A company’s first need is to decide how much money it wants to spend on security along with the type of security needed. According to Contract Security Agencies (2009),

Often the sole criterion for selection is the low bid. This usually results in substandard service, which provides a false illusion of security, but does little to limit risk. In some cases, the quality of security officers assigned is so poor that overall exposure becomes considerably greater than if there were no security personnel at all on site. (para. 2) When researching security for hire the company needs to understand the difference between proprietary versus contract security. Both types offer specific benefits along with negatives.

Currently there are two known types of security proprietary security and contract security. According to the “Proprietary Services Act 2006” (2006), “A proprietary private security officer, as used in this chapter, is an unarmed individual who is employed exclusively by any one employer whose primary duty is to provide security services for his or her employer, whose services are not contracted to any other entity or person.” Proprietary security typically offers personnel that are trained to the specific needs of the particular company or business. Typically, proprietary security individuals are more loyal than that of the contract security individuals having been hired in house. Proprietary security allows the hired security to grow within the company. This security group is also more likely to know the area and...
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