Pros and Cons of Reality Tv

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MANILA, Philippines - Last Wednesday, I was invited to speak at a forum in Miriam College on the positive and negative sides of reality TV. Psychiatrist Randy Dellosa and reality TV host Paolo Abrera (of ?Hired?) were in the panel as well.

Reality television, as defined by Wikipedia, is ?a genre of television programming which presents purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and features ordinary people instead of professional actors. Such shows frequently portray a modified and highly influenced form of reality, with participants put in exotic locations or abnormal situations, sometimes coached to act in certain ways by off-screen handlers, and with events onscreen sometimes manipulated through editing and other post-production techniques.?

To find out what Filipino parents like me thought of reality TV, I conducted an informal survey from among 50 participants comprised of friends, colleagues and classmates. Thank God for e-mail, multiply and Facebook, the responses, both animated and insightful, came in very quickly.

Parents? concerns

Interestingly, all the parents I surveyed watched reality TV with their children, varying in frequency from ?sometimes? to ?all the time.? Foremost among their concerns were the following: projection of values and language used; exposure to sex and violence; wrong impressions given regarding love and relationships; behaving ?over the top?; encouragement of voyeurism and public display of areas in life that should remain private.

Many of these concerns were my issues as well. This is the reason why, once in a while, I like sitting and watching shows like ?Project Runway,? ?America?s Next Top Model? and ?American Idol? with my children. Once upon a time, when it was very new, we were avid viewers of the ?Pinoy Big Brother? Celebrity and Teen Editions and rooted each night for our favorites on ?Pinoy Dream Academy.?

Based on an informal survey of 50 parents, the Top Seven...
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