Pros & Cons of Television

Topics: Television, Television program, Reality television Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: January 15, 2011
Nowadays television plays an important role in everyone’s life. By being the source of information, it provides an endless entertainment for the whole family units. As a result, every family now owns a television and television is now becoming a very useful device for every family. So, in this situation we should say that there many advantages and disadvantages in watching television. And this is the time to discuss the advantages first. Firstly, the television brings us news from all over the world through local T.V channels and satellites T.V channels about political happenings, social events, festivals, sports news and weather forecasting. There are also many programs showing the beauties and sceneries in the world that we can see and enjoy without spending money travelling there. Furthermore, television can be considered as a source for the students to improve their subject knowledge and general knowledge. There are several channels which provide many programs that can help students in their studies. Especially, students who are doing science as a subject they can gather more knowledge by watching Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and more. As we all know in science there many more things which are very difficult to see the processes with our naked eyes. Such as Amoebas, life cycle of bacteria, and behavior of viruses. However, because of the television now students can see those processes just by watching television. Thus it can help them to improve their studies. For housewives and elderly people those who most of the times stay at home the television, in fact, their best friend and their best company. And also there are many more programs planned for children like cartoons, animal adventures, quiz programs such as DFCC MIND STARS, LAKSHAPATHI, Denumai Wasanawai and exploration programs. As well as, the programs designed to teach children like ‘Sesame Street’ are useful for kids’ English knowledge that shows...
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